Saturday, December 8, 2012

Journal of Information Literacy, Volume 6, Number 2 - now available

The Journal of Information Literacy, Volume 6, Number 2, is now available. It is an open-access journal.

Some of the article:
Indicators of adult information literacy by Ralph Catts
- Assessing students’ information literacy skills in two secondary schools in Singapore by Yun-ke Chang et al.
- 'Digital fluency': towards young people's critical use of the internet by Carl Miller and Jamie Bartlett
- Mobile information literacy: a preliminary outline of information behaviour in a mobile environment by Andrew Walsh
- Meeting information literacy outcomes: Partnering with faculty to create effective information literacy assessment by Debra Anne Hoffmann and Kristen LaBonte
- Poster presentations as an assessment tool in a third/college-level Information Literacy course: an effective method of measuring student understanding of library research skills by JaNae Kinikin and Keith Hench
- Social media, authentic learning and embedded librarianship: a case study of dietetics students by Rebecca K. Miller
- Reflection for learning: understanding the value of reflective writing for information literacy development by Pamela McKinney and Barbara A Sen

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