Saturday, September 8, 2012 - The Most Relevant, Curated, Medical Social Media Resources is the world’s first and only free service that provides curated medical social media resources in over 80 medical topics in over 17 languages. Their mission is to let empowered patients and medical professionals access the most relevant social media content in their own languages on a customizable, easy-to-use platform for free. was co-founded by Dr. Bertalan Mesko, the author of the award-winning medical blog,; speaker, health 2.0 consultant and innovator who has been helping physicians enter the social media era and empowered patients find medically reliable content online for years.

Using their curated medical social media collections and the dynamic, easy-to-use, multi-lingual aggregator of quality medical information is totally for free. But they also offer personalized services such as medical social media collections focusing on a given topic; consulting for online medical services and pharma companies; covering conferences online and organizing workshops worldwide. 

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