Saturday, March 24, 2012

Videos of Presentations at 2012 WebWise Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital Age (29 Feb - 2 March) now available

To watch videos:

Pre-Conference #1: "Playing the Past: Gaming, History, and Technology"
Pre-Conference #2: "Engaging 21st Century Learners"
"StoryCorps: Every Voice Matters"
Day One Welcome
Session 1 - History Places and Spaces: Learning & Participation on the Move
Session 2 - Sharing Public History Work: Crowdsourcing Data and Sources
Session 3 - New Ways of Seeing Old Collections: Data Visualizations
DIY Archives with Ian MacKaye
Keynote Presentation - "Digital Public Library of America"
Session 4 - Digital Voices: Creating and Preserving Oral History Collections
Session 5 - Better Together: Multi-Institutional Solutions to Digital Challenges
Farewell and Adjourn

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